ABOUT GRP(Fiberglass):

  • CTPART / About GRP

    By the assurance of CTPART, GRP(fiberglass) is the preferred material in construction sector by its durability, implementation area richness and wide usage area

    The quality of material GRP and its performance is directly proportional to the strength of the bond between the glass fiber and the resin. It requires experience and dedication in the field of production and application.

  • GRP:

    Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is a composite material obtained by combining glass fibre and matrix resin. Fiberglass is a; high quality composite engineering material obtained by combining polyester (eg polyester resin) flexible but not having sufficient mechanical strength, and glass fiber with high mechanical strength.resistant to environmental conditions.
    With its more than 20 year experience and from A to Z production line, CTPART aims to manufacture closest to perfection.

  • WHY? GRP(Fiberglass)

    It does not require paint, maintenance and renovation. Theoretically fiberglass composite profiles do not deform over time.

  • High Strength: GRP products are one of the most effective materials which provide high strength values.
  • Lightness: GRP products provides higher strength values comparing to both unreinforced plastics and metals in in unit area weight even though it is much more lighter.
  • Design flexibility: GRP products can be designed for any complex, simple, large, small, structural, aesthetic, decorative or functional purpose that a designer can think of. As CTPART, we would like to take your projects beyond your dreams with our experienced architects.
  • Dimensional Stability: Thermoset GRP (fiberglass) products maintain their shape and functionality under various mechanical and environmental stresses.
  • High Dielectric Resistivity: GRP products are a clear choice for the production of many components with their outstanding electrical insulation properties.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The non-corrosion feature of GRP products is one of their superior qualities over other production materials.
  • Ease of Molding: GRP products eliminate the assembly and reassembly of the parts encountered in traditional steel type materials with the possibility of molding in one piece.
  • Surface applications: The polyester resin used in GRP products can also be produced in a self-colored form by coloring it with special pigment additives.
  • Transparency Feature: GRP products can be as transparent as glass. It spreads light due to its full transparency feature and provides significant advantages in greenhouses where diffused light is important and in construction of solar collectors.
  • Possibility of Implementing on Concrete Surfaces: GRP products stick perfectly to concrete surfaces because it is porous. An excellent adhesion is achieved due to the leakage of polyester resin, one of the main materials that make up GRP products, through the pores of the concrete and hardening in the concrete mass.
  • Possibility of Implementation on Wooden Surfaces: GRP products have the ability to adhere to wooden surfaces. However, the wood must be dry and well impregnated with polyester resin containing styrene
  • Possibility of Application on Iron Surfaces: After cleaning the rust and oil residues on the iron surface, it can be coated with GRP products. In this way, iron and steel surfaces are protected from the effects of corrosion by being covered with GRP products.
  • Non-Flammability Feature: The flame resistance of GRP (fibreglass) products depends on the polyester used. Flame resistant polyester is used in where flame resistance is required.
  • GRP Products Are Not Affected By Temperature: GRP products are made with polyester resins from the thermoset plastics group; they do not soften and do not change shape. Heat resistance depends on the type of polyester resin used.
  • Different Materials Can Be Applied Inside GRP Products: Materials such as iron, wood, rope, wire, cardboard, polyurethane rigid foam can be integrated into GRP (fiberglass) products and their mechanical properties can be differentiated.
  • Repairability Feature: GRP material can be repaired. In order to prevent the repair traces from appearing, the repair process should be done on a mold or sanding or painting should be done after the repair. Experience is important CTPART has been able to transfer its experience in the sector to all its projects for more than 20 years.
  • GRP Products Can Be Cut, Drilled and Shaped: GRP products can be easily cut, drilled and shaped like wood. Better results are obtained if the tools used for this purpose are hard steel or diamond-tipped.

There is absolutely no rusting, rotting and worming problem of GRP products. Thanks to its special resins, it is extremely resistant to all kinds of natural conditions like corrosion, oxidation, chemicals and UV effects. GRP products do not risk the health of their users.

GRP product are extremely durable, resistant to hot temperatures compared to wood and metals, and its tensile strength is 2.5 times higher than steel. Its own weight is 1/5 of the iron’s own weight. Color and pattern can be given at the manufacturing phase.

  • Electrical Insulation:

    GRP (fiberglass) profiles has electrical insulating property.

  • High Isolation Ability:

    GRP (fiberglass) profiles do not conduct heat and liquid. It has maximum insulation properties.

  • Does not rot, rust and worm:

    GRP (fiberglass) profiles do not experience decay, rusting and worming problems over time.

  • It can be produced in any color:

    GRP (fiberglass) profiles, gains its last appearance during production. It is possible to produce in any color as well as it can be produced in a natural.

  • Antistatic Feature:

    Even though GRP (fiberglass) profiles are very conductive, by request antistatic properties can be added. In this way, friction and sparking during operation can be avoided.

  • GRP Profiles with High Mechanical Properties:

    GRP (fiberglass) composite profiles have up to two and a half times higher breaking strength than a steel profile of the same sizes.