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We can manufacture our GRP products according to heat conduction and non-flammability, Color, Wind Resistance, Light and UV Transmittance, Tolerance options.



Since the ottoman architecture, Turkish bath dome is one of the indispensable details. Dome architecture has been carried to top level by Ottoman architects. Even in neoclassical period this peak wasn’t passed. The ideal place integrity and the final shape of designing was given by Ottoman architects.

As implemented in the closed areas, it can be also implemented as outer dome which opens to atmosphere. Domes that open to the atmosphere with the enlightening lambs application, ensures the maximum benefit from daylight. GRP (Glass reinforced polyester) is manufactured especially for design flexibility, lightness and high durability which shows that it is very useful for using as “GRP Dome” and “GRP Ceiling” material. CTP which also carries isolation feature, it helps to highly maintain the temperature. Turkish bath dome should be from a processed material. As it is durable against affects like heat, humidity, it also maintains the heat. CTPART has become a brand by its problem-free manufacturing.

Decorative Ceiling

Decorative ceiling works are one of the solutions we frequently use to create new living spaces in our workplaces. We can offer you an all-inclusive project including our LED hanging ceiling and LED spot lighting decoration applications, sheetrock detail,    sheetrock removal, paint and all strip-spot LED.


Flat and Sloped Ceiling

We provide various textures, lighting systems, colors and models in hammam (Turkish bath) manufactures. Domed baths have an old history in the architectural line of Ottoman civilization, and besides this feature, it is important in terms of ensuring the comfort of the people who use the bath.

VAULT (Architecture)

Vault: A semi-cylindrical ceiling cover with a bottom sinkhole, built with bricks and mortar. A vault is a form of cover formed by an uninterrupted continuation of an arch. Thanks to its arched form, it prevents the intense steam formed in the environment from sticking to the ceiling and allows it to drain down from its sloped sides.

It does not allow dripping to the area under the ceiling. CTPART can serve our valued customers in Vault architecture. With the durable structure of the GRP material, you can use it safely for many years.


OUTDOOR Ceiling Cladding

In the structures needed such as Hotel Entrance, Building Entrance, Social Area Entrance, Porch-Eaves-Ceiling., In open areas; Production and assembly works are carried out in the construction of Stall, Waiting Areas, Overpass ceilings, Gazebo ceilings and similarly Outdoor Ceilings, which are resistant to all weather conditions in the outdoor environment.
GRP, Monolithic application (it creates a seamless integrity as possible joints can be made monolithic with its own filling material. It undertakes the manufacture and assembly of products with design joints or models, depending on preference.
GRP minimizes the risk of deformation, thanks to its excellent paint holding feature on its surface.
Therefore, as CTPART, work continues on all ceiling-related applications of the Construction.
Lobby/ Reception Ceilings,
It takes place in places such as rest room ceilings, Massage Room ceilings, warm room ceilings, corridor ceilings, fitness room ceilings, dressing room ceilings.
Ceiling, wall cladding, column cladding, stage cladding works are carried out for all halls that require special design such as Wedding Hall Ceiling, Exhibition Hall ceiling.

GRP Panels have technical features with unlimited usage possibilities.