GRP can be easily shaped depending on the products kind by using molds.
The last stage before beginning serial production is polyester mold. It can be called both fiber mold and GRP mold. This means, the better GRP mold, better production it is. Even the processes can be done without the need of paint. One of the important parts in here is the mold holding period. For an excellent mold production we can reply to any of your requests with our CTPART technologic substructure and experienced build.

Professional indoor and outdoor (except floor) unique products for you…

CTPART Outdoor Advertising works give meticulous and successful results. Since it has the ability to create visual or objective advertising tools with model and mold works, it is created as close to the real thing when it is made with GRP material.

In various works in mosque constructions; Dome cladding, mimber cladding, adornment, balustrade, minaret mold and application works, dimensional lettering in interior design and various special works, Shadirvan construction, all application works with motifs. Facade cladding works. It is available in the CTPART product range, including wood appearance manufacturing and application works. You can get excellent results with GRP Molds.