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We can manufacture indoor and outdoor (except floor) unique products for you which can be implemented professionally. With the assurance of CTPART, indoor and outdoor cladding, monolithic panel view or grouted type (by its own material) wall cladding varieties are produced.

On Amorphous- curvilinear walls; by the form taking ability of the manufactured products, advanced implementation is provided. With this situation, it makes the products one of the finest materials that can respond to special design projects that many materials cannot respond to. There is no m2 or M limit for manufactured materials.


For different needs of people and places we have different alternatives in partition wall systems.  It can be designed appropriately depending on today’s changing architectural concept and new expectations. Traditional, transparent and modern designs can be done to the area you want by our expert technical team.

With wall cladding and designs which fits to different styles, desired texture can be given to each panel on a building. Besides, combining the panels create very striking curved, flat or 3D design cladding patterns. In addition, it can be used with sections that are in engineering restrictions, places which requires vertical or horizontal spots and mostly with hidden carrier systems.

We can offer many options and designs in metal, wood, glass or plastic.

CTPART is the lead firm in the sector.

Due to different models and options among themselves, there are various partition systems (Wooden, acoustic, plaster bonded, aluminum, glass and cement bonded partition and vertical folding walls).

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